On July 9, 2001, One Ton Records shut its doors permanently. One Ton fans turned us into the best label in town for 5 more years in a row. Those seven and a half years and 23 releases gave us tons of great music and memories. A sincere “thank you” goes out to everyone who made OTR a great thing. Remaining One Ton catalog and merchandise is still available if you do some searching, however we do not offer any online sales here.


The story in a nutshell…

Starting as a teen, owner and founder, Aden Holt has spent his entire adult life in music in one way or another. His self-starter attitude and unconventional ideas have received many points of achievement in the Dallas/Fort Worth/Denton music scene since he moved to Texas from Little Rock, Arkansas.

In 1990, Aden moved to Denton to enter the University of North Texas as a graphic design major. He started his first Texas band as the drummer for punk/ska band called Milk Money.

In 1991, Aden formed the grunge/noise/garage band Caulk which he fronted. Caulk was a member of Denton’s revered “Fraternity of Noise” which also included budding Denton bands Baboon and Brutal Juice. These three bands led a swelling underground music scene in Denton’s early nineties that left the popular white funk bands shaking in their Birkenstocks.

Late in 1993, after being courted by some indie music labels, Caulk’s first EP (Learn to Take) was released by Aden himself under the moniker One Ton Records right on the heels of his graduation from UNT. (This CD features Caulk’s 3rd drummer, Mike Malinin, who now is a member of the platinum-selling Goo Goo Dolls).

In 1994, Aden moved to Dallas and started working for a graphic design company where he helped design the entire line of Mission Tortilla packaging. As the Caulk EP continued to sell, he decided he wanted to document all the great music happening in Denton and released Welcome To Hell’s Lobby which featured 16 Denton bands. This CD received critical acclaim in the Texas media and sold several thousands in the first few months. One Ton was officially on the map.

From 1995 to 1999, One Ton developed bands like Doosu, Slow Roosevelt, Buck Jones, Caulk, Fixture and Cottonmouth, TX. Having released several CDs by all of these great Dallas bands, One Ton received the honor of “best Dallas indie label” in 1997 and would continue to receive that honor for the next five years. (Each band also received numerous awards throughout this period.) Also in 1997, Aden quit his corporate design job and focused on One Ton Graphics which he started along side the record label.

Much of One Ton’s success was due to the very loyal following of younger audiences that other bands had not tapped into. Twice a year, One Ton would hold all-ages concerts where the entire roster would perform. These concerts were always packed and always proved to be very memorable performances.

Late in 1998, Caulk broke up, leaving only One Ton as Aden’s focal point. Then in 1999, Buck Jones called it quits and in 2000, Fixture followed suit. Becoming frustrated with the limitations of working with a small roster, Aden was already thinking ahead.

In early 2000, he created a mysterious entity called Buzz-Oven with 12 very enthusiastic teenagers. Using One Ton’s success in reaching a younger generation as a springboard for Buzz-Oven, he developed the concept of teens giving teens free CDs in an effort to generate awareness of great local music to students who have no access to it. Considering that CDs don’t pay for themselves, Aden took his concept to the doorstep of Coca-Cola and wouldn’t leave them alone till he got their attention… and eventually their support.

In 7 years (2000-2006), Buzz-Oven has released 17 volumes in Dallas, given away over 200,000 CDs, and held over 75 all-ages concerts all in the name of supporting great local music. No one in the history of Texas music has made such an effort to support a music scene like Buzz-Oven has.

Aden currently runs One Ton Graphics with offices in Dallas, TX and Denver, CO. He also manages the Texas rock band, The Feds.

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